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I'm not entirely happy with this page. The biology stuff is not very extensive, and is anyway just a subset of data clustering. Machine learning also seems to be a special case of data clustering, and I'm not convinced equivalence classes isn't just complicating things. I'll try to rewrite it, feel free to change it again, and/or discuss it here.


Rewrote the data clustering bit, I think the biology bit should separate into sequence clustering, and gene expression data (micro-array) clustering, and link to thoses two topics, but I'll leave it like this to let others commment on it first.


Seizure Clustering[edit]

This is DUMB!!!! A good topic to link to is seizure clustering. Add a biology part? I agree. What other ways are possible though? Probability of seizures occurring:

Pr(n)= λ^(n)ê^(λ) / n! , where

Pr = probability of n seizures occurring on any day, λ is the average frequency of seizures per day, n! = n factorial, and ê = base of natural logarithms.

Living with them for over 8+ years now with 1 surgery, I understand them enough to know a minute ahead when they are coming...through feeling, but how can one predict when they are going to happen through such ways...? Makes you think, what's the probability of cure...?

Refer to site: or exact file:

Writing Technique[edit]

Clustering should also be included as a technique to generate ideas for writing. — Preceding unsigned comment added by 2604:6000:8485:E100:F1E1:48F9:30B5:432D (talk) 19:13, 7 December 2018 (UTC)